All Natural Hot and Cold Clay Packs for Muscle Relief and Injuries

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Our unique and new technology combines ceramic clay with special, non-toxic oils, relieves muscle and joint pain all over the body. The new technology helps the pack stay colder long and produces a relieving effect that is long lasting and deeply penetrating.

The all natural hot and cold clay pack is safe and easy to use for anyone with aches and pains from workouts, injuries, strain or other muscle and joint ailments. It molds to the body, covering more surface area and making better contact with the body for all around better pain relief. It’s therapeutic uses include, penetrations and deep relief at the site of injury, inflammation, and aches after exercise. It can also be helpful during a fever, or in the cases of sinus and joint pain.

The all natural hot and cold clay pack easy to use, refrigerate or freeze to the desired temperature and apply directly to the area of need. The all natural hot and cold clay packs molds completely to the body, no matter how cold it gets, and is easy to store and use over and over, for all life’s aches and pains, and even those times when strong relief is needed.

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  • NEW PAIN RELIEF | The 11″ x 7″ clay healing pack is a new product with the ability to relieve pain right away. The clay works with oils that are better than gels, is non-toxic and easy to apply and use over and over.
  • TECHNOLOGY AT WORK | The unique use of new technology, helps with the process of pain relief. The ceramic clay is inlaid with oils that help it stay cold longer and that help relieve pain.
  • BUILT FOR THE BODY | Many clay pain packs are a rigid square or rectangle shape, but Clay Pack is a round corner rectangle made to mold and conform to the bodies many contours and shapes. It is shaped to fit comfortably and completely, bringing better overall pain relief, by covering more surface area.
  • THERAPEUTIC VALUE | Many types of pain can be relieved with the Clay Pack, the clay can reduce inflammation from injury or ailment, relieves pain from cramping or muscle aches. Use after workouts or exercise, or just to relieve stress in the muscles. It can help with pain in the joints, neck or back, also restores flexibility in stiff muscles.
  • EASY TO USE | The pack can be refrigerated or frozen until needed, then it is applied directly to the area of the body where needed, for long lasting relief. Safe to use, and non-toxic.
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